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Periscope Stream

The above was the first attention I got on Periscope and being able to play to 100s of people from my living room is such a great thing! You get a few trolls but generally I have loads of compliments and a good laugh. You can follow me on Periscope by clicking the little symbol below!


Mental Illness App

A mental illness App is in the works, sign up below for updates!


My main passion is of course making instrumental guitar tracks, with lots of solos. My latest track is Desert Walk, you can buy it below!

Here also is my mental illness survival guide

I have created a mental illness survival guide for I do suffer schizophrenia and want to help others to achieve the level of wellness I have. Its free to everybody so please share if you are helped by it and get the word out there!


Copy and paste that link, if you would be so kind, sharing it with the wider community! 

my brand new podcast!

“Guitar is sweet. He sure can play his guitar well. Drums sound good too. Both together sound amazing. This is a great beat. It’s all musical instruments playing which sound a awesome and amazing. Great work on this.”

“I like the soft and slow melody in the beginning of the song. Very good for relaxing even when the strong beat comes in. I like how the song gradually builds up to full potential. Harmonies are really nice and Beat is quit good. Overall this is a very good song that I would love to listen again.”

“Great song deserves to be on my top wanted songs. It has great instruments and they blend in with the theme of this amazing music. The is no editing to be done it’s just so good to listen to. The product is the best and I hope you succeed later on!”

“The intro of this song is really good mainly because it has a great guitar solo. The farther the song progresses it picks up the tempo of the guitar. they add more instruments and its a good thing. The drums are great for this song in particular. They just fit so well. In conclusion This a great piece of music even though it does not have any vocals. It’s still great.”